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How Long Does Air Duct Cleaning Take?

How Long Does Air Duct Cleaning Take?

How Long Does Air Duct Cleaning Take? One of the most important HVAC services in Austin that you can do for your home is air duct cleaning. Along with energy savings, you can also benefit from an improvement in air quality and eliminating the risk of dangerous diseases spreading in your home. Especially now that summer is around the corner, it’s essential to prepare your home for those hot temperatures. Although you don’t have to clean your ducts that often, you should have them inspected by an Austin Air Duct Cleaning technician at least once a year. Of course, they will be able to recommend what type of service you need to have your HVAC system running at an optimal level. Let’s go over how long it could take to clean your ducts and the importance of a clean duct system. 

Clean Air Ducts Make a Difference

Does it really matter if you clean your air ducts? In short, yes, it does matter. Those who are especially sensitive to pollutants and allergens make take quick notice of the air quality in a home. When the ducts are not clean, people inside the home can start to develop a cough, shortness of breath, or itchy eyes. These sound a lot like allergies, which could be the result of a dirty duct system. Without proper cleaning, your ducts could develop dust, mold, and other dangerous bacteria growth. Any air leaks found within the duct system could also increase the chances of bacteria and mold. A professional Austin HVAC TX technician will be able to clean the ducts eliminating any mold and dust. If the ducts need a full replacement, the technician will let you know the best options.

When Should You Clean Your Air Ducts?

Many have varying opinions as to when it would be the right time to clean HVAC air ducts. Ideally, air ducts should be cleaned at least once every three to five years. If you do decide to clean your air ducts, it can be done in the summer, spring, or fall months. However, it is recommended to do it in the spring or fall months for the best results. This can ensure optimal performance for your HVAC system. If you’re not sure if it’s time to clean your air ducts, you can consult with your Austin Heating And Air company. They will do a thorough inspection to determine if your ducts need cleaning. Some air ducts may need to be cleaned much more often, which will depend on the age of the HVAC system.

Why is Cleaning Your Ducts Important?

The biggest benefit that you will get from cleaning your air ducts is HVAC efficiency. This can save you money on your monthly electric bills. Since you’ll be clearing and cleaning the air ducts, there won’t be any obstructions. This allows optimal airflow as your system works. Cleaning the system will include parts like the return side, supply side, blower fan, blower compartment, return drop, and ducts. Another benefit is that you may be able to increase the lifespan of the system. Remember that if you have an obstruction somewhere in the vents, your airflow could be blocked. The system will have to work harder to compensate as it tries to keep your home at a set temperature. Therefore, the system could break down as a result, and may need the AC repair Austin team to help you. 

Improving Air Quality in Your Home

One way to keep good air quality in a home is changing out the air filter once a month. Some models may only require a replacement once every three months. By preparing your system for the extreme temps that come with the cold or warmer seasons, you’ll be guaranteed better performance. Once the HVAC technician cleans the air ducts, you may even notice an improvement in air quality. In fact, many homeowners who have suffered from asthma or wheezing episodes have reported an improvement in their health when they’re inside their homes. This is the reason why it can take up to five hours to clean the air ducts. The HVAC technician will do a thorough job to ensure quality results. You may find some companies that offer a one-hour time frame to clean out the air ducts. The fact is that the process takes much longer than one hour. Companies that promise a one-hour completion for air duct cleaning will not do the job properly.

The Steps of Cleaning Your Air Ducts

What can you expect when the technician arrives? First, the technician will begin preparing the proper equipment to clean the air ducts. Usually, HVAC technicians will utilize tools to dislodge big chunks of dirt and other debris within the duct system. To get the debris out from the air ducts, the tech will use high-powered vacuum cleaners to suck out all the dirt and debris. If done properly and by an experienced technician, the entire cleaning process should take anywhere from two to five hours, which will depend on the size of the house. The time frame can also depend on how dirty the ducts are in your home. Once the job is completed, you will notice an improvement in the HVAC system, such as no more unpleasant odors.

Make Plans Before the HVAC Technicians Arrive

One key takeaway is to prepare yourself and others who live in the home to be without the HVAC system for at least three hours. The technician can give you an estimate of how long it will take to complete the cleaning. Larger homes that are around 3,000 square feet or more could require up to five hours of extensive work. You can make the time go faster by preparing the work area around your home. Make sure that you also make plans if you have pets. If you or your family are sensitive to loud noises, you may want to consider whether to stay or leave while the technicians clean your vents. The Air Duct Cleaning process can be noisy. Whatever you decide, you can rest easy knowing that you will soon have an improvement in the clear air in your own home. In conclusion, keeping your air ducts clean and fresh may help you prevent air conditioning repairs and other possible costs in the future. 

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